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How much will a well cost to drill?

Every well is different as it varies in the depth of the well and materials needed.

How much water will I need?

This varies on the individual's needs. It is important to keep in mind that banks usually require 5 gallons per minute to secure some types of loans.

Where should the well be located?

Each site is unique. We recommend meeting onsite to determine the best location of the well. Some of the required setbacks are 10 feet from the property line, 100 feet from any drain field, and 50 feet from any septic tank.

What is the average depth of a well?

The average depth of a well varies on where you are located in the area.

Does the estimate include a pump?

An estimate does not typically include the price of the pump system because the depth of the well, the water production, and the customer's wants and needs determine the pump system specifications. A pump system estimate can be given upon request, but is more accurate when given after these factors are known.

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